Purge infiltrators and Perjurers Through Background Screening of Employees & Due Diligence

Employees Verification Certification Scheme of RCS with country wide coverage deals with all types of employees to avert infiltrations. The areas covered under this Scheme are Police Verification, NADRA Verification, Temporary and Permanent Address Ground Check, Neighborhood and References Verification, Education Record Verification, Last Service Record Verification, Guarantor Verification, Personality Profile preparation to include strength, vices and Verification of Professional Levels claimed for a particular position or work place.  Business Continuity and Suitability Plan under due diligence is also prepared.

RCS has capacity to conduct 25000 Verifications / year
Stand alone Record of 2017 Verifications is 17000 plus

Ground Verification

  • Two References of individuals – Not Relatives are contacted to establish character and profile
  • Neighbourhood check for lineage / trend
  • Google pin coordinates of the residence
  • Selfie of Verification Officer (VO) with residence of individual in background to authenticate VO has physically visited the house and to give message to subject that ‘We all know about You’

Police Verification

  • Criminal Record Check to establish Character Profile from concerned Police Authority

Social Media Verification

  • Bank Default Status
  • White Collar Criminal Cases Record
  • Tax Filing Status
  • Criminal and Untoward Incident Reporting
  • Trend and Lineage of Personality
  • Human Rights Violation
  • General Activities Profile
  • Family / Tribe Profile and Repute in general
  • Attestation by Nazim for character by a stamp and signatures

NADRA Data Confirmation

  • ID Card Verification through NADRA link
  • Temporary Residential Address as per ID Verification on Ground


  • Permanent Residential Address Confirmation as per ID on Ground


  • Present Residence Address Confirmation provided by individual

Additional Aspects for Due Diligence

  • Site Suitability Study
  • Party Financial Profile
  • Background Check for Reputation and Stature
  • Suitability of proposed Business Plan
  • Revenue Record Verification

Education Record Verification

  • School, College and University within Pakistan
  • Diplomas, degrees and certificate within and outside Pakistan

Last Service Record

  • Confirmation of Service with previous Employer, reputation and reasons of leaving particular organization

Guarantor Verification

  • Guarantor Credentials Verification
  • Authenticity of Guarantee extended/committed

Driving License Verification

  • Online Verification
  • Physical Verification from Licensing Authority in case of No Online Facility