Legal Assistance for Civil & Criminal Nature Cases

RCS acts as a legal firm in providing assistance to its clients in the realm of civil and criminal nature cases ranging from FIR to Trials. It has expertise in conducting departmental nature inquiries including misconduct, embezzlement incidents and occurrence of various nature causing loss to material, information and men.

Contractual deed with Engro Urea satisfactory handled included:

  • Lodging of FIRs for civil recovery suit and criminal proceedings for pilferage cases
  • Follow up in FIR for investigation, evidence collection and liaison with Police
  • Appointing lawyers on behalf of Principal and persuasion of cases in the Court
  • Coordination for Conduct of raids by Police and arrest of fugitives
  • Tracing out of wilful defaulters and undertaking recovery proceedings as per the law
  • Verification of vendors for their trustworthiness in business through due diligence
  • Submission of situation report to Principal on occurrence and on all court appearances, Police raids, searches and arrest etc.